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About Us

Miliffi sprang from a family’s tenacity and passion, from daily labours, and from the experiences and delight that good food can bring.
It all began in the 1980s in Piobbico, a small town in the Marche region, where Arnaldo Miliffi, developing an interest in the gathering and distribution of truffles in Italy and abroad, created an initial company. A turning point came in 2000 with the formation of a new company, 'Miliffi'. Arnaldo's son Luca managed logistics and distribution with a clear and revolutionary vision that presented excellence in an original way, with knowledge and explanation of the product’s origins and uses at its heart.
The Miliffi family's strong and long-lasting links with Austria have intensified, and since 2007 the company has been progressively transferring its activities to Vienna, where Luca established Miliffi in 2010 after moving there. The new structure ensured that its products – all exclusively Italian – reached the consumer with minimal delay and no loss of quality.
Miliffi is constantly growing and evolving. We owe it to our suppliers, our customers, and above all the people who work in the company and allow us, every day, to deliver the boundless pleasure and quality of our gastronomic traditions beyond Italy’s borders.


Luca, Arnaldo e Giovanna Miliffi

Our Mission

When talk turns to haute cuisine and Italian culture, Miliffi is acknowledged to be the ultimate guarantee of quality.
Its roots lie in the all-Italian concept of gathering around a table laden to enjoy good food in good company. This is why we take care to select the best producers with an eye on quality and also on culture and sustainability, in order to create a product of excellence with deep links with the territory.
We work alongside our customers every day, boosting their professionalism and identifying the best solutions to guarantee the consumer a truly unique experience.
So, we import and we distribute, but that’s not all! We like to think of Miliffi as a craftsman, such as a tailor who selects the finest fabrics and works with the client to create a unique and personal product that highlights the best qualities of each.


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