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La Scuola

School is where you develop, learn, and discover new passions and enthusiasms. This is true of the Miliffi School, where ideas and knowledge are created, and where personal growth is also directed at the world beyond its walls.
The School is the beating heart of Miliffi and reflects its continuous evolution, in terms of both product quality and customer service. The School is where the future is planned, based on passion for the endless variety of Italian products, the past – our experience – and the present in which requests and suggestions from customers and producers are warmly welcomed. We grow together, enhancing the culture of good food and the things that create good feeling.
And since school means exams, this is where Miliffi rigorously tests the quality of new products and producers. The result is a portfolio of unmatched excellence in the Italian food and wine universe whose growth we work for every day.

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